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About Fusion 40.83


It’s all in the name; Fusion, a combination of multi-cultural cuisines and 40.83 are the map coordinates of the restaurant. Under the leadership of Yesho Chetty, a native of Fiji, our restaurant turns out a variety of cuisines in an elegant, yet simplistic presentation. Located in Urbana, Ohio which was laid out in 1805, we are part of the historic downtown surrounded by other small businesses contributing to the growing community. Urbana has been a kind host and we are returning the favor with our open kitchen and humble hospitality.

Our building houses the local artist Mike Major and his mutli-media pieces as well as a warm lit room with a golden, cozy atmosphere. Our fire-place can cut the chill from the winter winds and our patio can offer you a cool breeze on the balmy summer days.


Relax and enjoy our full service hospitality catering to your dining experience every step of the way. Please explore the website to satisfy your curiosity and if you still have questions please give us a call…bon appetit

Catering is available at our restaurant for large or small groups for any occasion. We also provide off-site catering for a variety of celebrations or business meetings.

Owner/Executive Chef: Yesho Chetty

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